Traffic Lights


Drove to Charlotte today with some friends.
It was a super day.

We were stopped at a red light , and although we were not in a rush and I was with friends, a red light is still slightly annoying. A red light just irks something inside even the most patient person at some point in life.

This caused me to think. There should just be no stoplights! You would not even have to wait! You could just GO! What would life be like without stoplights… Would some drivers not even pause at an intersection, would people stop, others sit forever for the clear moment, would it be a race to see who can get through first, would there be sign language to communicate when you go, would it just be a blind risk…

A world without stoplights would be chaos. Wrecks would happen all the time, people would die, cars would be destroyed, more traffic jams would be caused, and no one would get anywhere effectively,

But eventually… A system would be formed because we would long for order. Naturally the world crazy, however we sincerely do long for structure. We would want laws. We need them. These stoplights we create are out attempt to tame and organize the chaos of life.

Although, just going and never encountering a stop light sounds dreamy, I need those red lights. I need brakes. Ultimately I even want them. To have a green light, you have to have the red. Someone always has green, and someone always has red. I need the direction.

The laws that God has placed in my life, although frustrating, are necessary and best. Ultimately, I need and want them. I don’t want to do a test run of life without stoplights. I think I will trust God in the stoplights he has given me. I will trust that he has valid reasons.

I guess I will follow and appreciate traffic lights in all thier features. When they are green, yellow, or even red…

What is a stoplight that you need to respect?


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