Wednesday Special

Newts Burger Joint in downtown Shelby is my absolute favorite restaurant. I love it. When at my other home for the summer, it was the place away that I craved the most. The Bacon, Egg, and Cheeseburger… my goodness. That is where it is at! I got to go back for the first time this week.

You get a fantastic, unique burger, and you can get two sides. My oh my, it is GOOD. On Wednesdays they offer a 5 dollar deal. It is a dream.  Obviously, as a college student, and with a college student budget, I find this place terrific.  I sure do love a quality deal.

I realized with this, that honestly. If this deal did not happen, I would not love it as much.  I realized that if it was 5 dollars everyday, it would lose joy. There would not be such satisfaction or excitement.

As cliche as this is, and we have all heard it. If it didn’t rain, we wouldn’t appreciate the sun. I think there are things to appreciate about the rain, and about not everyday being a 5 dollar burger deal. I think I needed that reminder.

Appreciate the Wednesday Specials in life. Appreciate the Mondays, Tuesdays, and Sundays too.



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