One AM. Tucker Student Balcony.  Just finished writing a paper.
Ready to give into gravity and go to sleep, I did not look forward to the trek back to my dorm.
Fighting to stand up and move, I pack my things up, and begin to walk.

I come to the stairs. My weary legs burdened by my ‘ready for everything’  backpack slowly move up each step and I can’t help but think. “I wish it was just one step. One giant step rather than thirty. That sure would be nice…” As I am saying this, I am creating the picture of this proposed solution in my head. I would have just the first step and the last step. It would take out all the middle ones, and look like a 90 degree angle. Just two steps.

It would not work.

That is just the thing!  This solution would mean going up is like a rock wall, and coming down this would have to be repelling. Hah! Both demand more energy and effort then a set of stairs.  In fact you would still have to walk a distance, then climb. Stairs blend the two.

So often I crave minuscule things to be done as quick as they can. I do not want to waste time. I am the person who carries all 30 grocery bags in at once, rather than making more than one trip. So often we only look at the first and last step as the only thing of value. However, tonight. I value the 28 stairs in between. I appreciate those steps. There is value and importance in the middle.

I’d like to think God knew what he was doing , when he allows life to be a process. He does not just give us a a a giant stair, and expect one step giant sized up to happen. I think that if he wanted us to do that, we would have that capability. Yet, there are 28 steps in the middle.

Faith and life is a lot of little steps.  Although God could take one step, he walks along with us. He walks at our pace. Encouraging when needed and even lifting our backpacks. I think he may enjoy these middle steps with us. I’ll never forget walking a the incline in Colorado. A mile of stairs. Hard. But. In those  middles steps. I walked with friends. We did stop and rest. I even saw a great a view from the middle.

I want to learn to appreciate the process. I want to value those 28 stairs in the middle as they deserve. I would never be anywhere without them! I want to learn the patience that God has with me and the middle stairs.  I want to walk through those stairs with others.



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