Read these lyrics, and listen to the song by a real talented guy named Noah Gunderson

Jesus, Jesus, could you tell me what the problem is
With the world and all the people in it?
Because I’ve been hearing stories about the end of the world
But I’m in love with a girl and I don’t wanna leave her
And the television screams such hideous things
They’re talking about the war on the radio
They say the whole thing’s gonna blow
And we will all be left alone
No we’ll be dead and we won’t know what hit us

Jesus, Jesus, if you’re up there won’t you hear me
‘Cause I’ve been wondering if you’re listening for quite a while
And Jesus, Jesus, it’s such a pretty place we live in
And I know we fucked it up, please be kind
Don’t let us go out like the dinosaurs
Or blown to bits in a third world war
There are a hundred different things I’d still like to do
I’d like to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Look up from the ground at a meteor shower
And maybe even raise a family

Jesus, Jesus, there are those that say they love you
But they have treated me so damn mean
And I know you said ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’
But sometimes I think they do 
And I think about you
If all the heathens burn in hell, do all their children burn as well?
What about the Muslims and the gays and the unwed mothers?
What about me and all my friends?
Are we all sinners if we sin?
Does it even matter in the end if we’re unhappy?

Jesus, Jesus, I’m still looking for answers
Though I know that I won’t find them here tonight
But Jesus, Jesus, could you call me if you have the time?
And maybe we could meet for coffee and work it out
And maybe then I’ll understand what it’s all about

Yeah. It is intense. He is “struggling with his thoughts” as a friend of mine said. And he is… But aren’t we all?!  If we were all honest, we would all admit to a struggle in our thoughts. That is why I sincerely love this song. I love that he is honest.  I get those doubts. I get those questions.  Some of Noah’s and mine are the same, some are differen. I get that it is shocking, but I dont know if it should be….  I think that Jesus would be okay with it. He lets us be honest. He lets us ask questions. He lets wrestle. And, he sure wasn’t to much of a fan of the answer for everyhting, black and white, know everything pharisees. I think he actually would prefer us to be honest and to ask him the questions….  Life is too short to not be honest with yourself and with God. It is dangerous not to be. I dont want to hide and run from honesty any longer.  Even when it is shocking and scary. Ultimately, even in my questions and my doubts, I choose to trust Jesus.

I believe in honesty.


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