Hot Tub

I have spent my weekend in a cabin in the mountains with a dear friend and her family. It has been a nice time of R&R, adventures, and just good things: Homemade apple pies… crisp fresh air… Imaginary Jumprope with little sisters… Bonfires… Secret family recipes… YAh-TZEES!…. naps… hot tubs… and yeah just real good things. I am thankful.

And, one of these good things taught me something. Let me explain..

I think that hot tubs outside are one of the greatest things man has ever captured. I say captured, because we cant take credit for the original idea. God did a real great job making natural hot springs, and I am very thankful that we humans recognized it. Because my gosh. I love hot tubs. They are simply the ultimate moment of comfort, and relaxation. Two great, yet extreme elements in the same moment. Everyone should get to appreciate hot tubs. I would love to own a hot tub.

I wish could stay in them forever. But I can’t. You can not stay in a hot tub forever. It gets somewhat miserable and is a fight to stay in. It looses the enjoyment. It just gets too hot! You get dizzy. You get uncomfortable. Our bodies were not made for 104 degree temperatures, and our bodies were not made to live in water.

Our bodies work best on land and in average weather. This is where we spend most of our time and should. Even though hot tub moments are real nice, and needed! We can not live there. We were meant to go out. My time with Jesus, is oh my gosh so nice and most definitely needed. We cant just stay at the church, or in a prayer closet, or in a conference high. We have to get out of the hot tub. Too much of a good thing, it just isn’t good for us or others.



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