I have been thinking about growing up lately. It is a really odd thing… I don’t really like the idea of it. I don’t really like it so far.  As much as college is stressful, I like being young. There are only 3 more years left. Yikes. That is going to FLY by. It already is. I like being nineteen. 29, 49… whew! Scary things.
Anyhow. I figured I would share some things about myself, since you know so little about me. In honor of being 19, here are 19 random things about my life.

  1. Salt & Pepper Kettle Cooked chips are a GREAT thing, I can eat a whole bag no problem.
  2. My favorite colors are Forest Green, Maroon, and all Blues.
  3. I sincerely love all kinds of people & people’s stories.
  4. If you mention Tennessee, I will get really excited. If you happen to be from TN, we are automatically friends.
  5. I would not complain if I was always in the mountains.
  6. I prefer tea over coffee. Flowers over chocolate.  over dessert.
  7. Questions are a great thing and I may have been known as Analyzing Anna.
  8. I really hate when wasted potential and apathy gets the best of me and/or others.
  9. My favorite TV shows are old school ones (Walton’s, Bonanza, Little House, Andy Griffith…) That is the good stuff.
  10. If I had to choose one thing to wear for the rest of my life, it would be a pullover.
  11. Listening to podcasts is seriously one of my favorite things to do in free time.
  12. I have been backpacking on Appalachian Trail 3 different times.
  13. There are 6 Kullmars.  Yes, we all have reddish hair.
  14. I drive a stick shift car.
  15. Last year, I broke my foot dancing to Beyonce in my dorm room.  I love to dance.
  16. My text tone on my phone is Kim Possible… I may be Kim Possible. Not a big deal.




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