Today was the first taste of winter, windy cold and grey skies. I think I am okay with it.

I had breakfast this morning with a treasure of a friend. It was a sweet time of catching up and sharing. Talking about life and seasons, the twists and the turns, the ups and the downs, the dreams and the hurts.  Through this conversation there was a sentence that really stuck out to me, a sentence that I believe will stick with me. “No season is ever perfect.”

How true. Both in reality and metaphorically. Summertime is extremely sunny, blue skies, and green grass. However, it brings whole lot of sweat and demands A/C. Fall is rich with colors and crisp air, but it is freezing at night and burning in the day. Make up your mind fall!  Winter although it has potential snow and christmas time joy it is dry, cold, and somewhat lifeless. WInter demands you bundle up and drink warm drinks. Spring means lots of new life and flowers, however it rains all the time and is still really cold. No season is ever perfect.

No season is ever perfect in our lives either. So often I compare the present season to another, and think “Why can’t it be like that again.” Childhood as free as it is, can be painful and tragic. Teenage years as thrilling exciting as they are, can be dangerous and scaring. College years as wonderful as they are, they are quite difficult. Being married, having kids, working a job… none of these seasons are perfect. Some of these seasons will be better than others. Some seasons are extra difficult. But ultimately not one of them is perfect.

Im learning to see both the great and the not so great parts of this season. Im learning to be okay with grey skies and cold. I am remembering that our God is God who wastes nothing in each season. He works it all out. I am choosing to trust God, to appreciate every imperfect season. I think there is a lot more hope and life in that, then there ever is in having everyday be a perfect fall, blue sky day. I think I am okay with it.



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