It is getting COLD. Walking to class this morning and it was bitterly cold. The grass was frosted for the first time, and I felt like it was just starting at me saying “winter is coming.” I don’t mind winter really, it is just the adjusting part is not so easy.

For example,
Yesterday, I did not dress properly for this weather in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt… I had been sitting in my car for quite sometime now just sharing life with a friend. We cozily had the heat on talking away for hours. It was finally 1:00 AM when I drove and parked back at my dorm. I needed to go to sleep!

But. I sat in my car alone. For another ten minutes. There was no need to stay in my car, but I was dreading the cold that I knew would invade. I knew the moment I turned off my car and opened the door, 34 degrees would call every goosebump to attention. Chill would swallow me. I was warm, and comfortable, and safe in my car. I even considered just sleeping in my car. However, finally mustered up enough courage and did a 200 yard dash to the warmth of my dorm. I then crawled in my bed, under the blankets, and sweet dreams it was. 7AM came to quickly

My time in the car got me thinking. How often do I stay in the car when a warm room is awaiting. I just fear the 200 yard cold dash? If I slept in that car, I would have been cold when I had to go inside in the morning, wasted a lot of gas money, and woken up with some mean neck cramps. It would have been awful.

Getting out of the car, and running to something better is so worth it.  Do not settle in something because of the fear of the next step. Although the fear and dread is real, do not let that win. Sleep in your own bed! The outcome is worth it.




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