Lion, 80s, Mermaid

Halloween Night

I don’t really like Halloween, never have. We did not celebrate it as kids. Halloween just meant we turned all the lights out & watched a movie upstairs and then bought candy on sale afterwards.

This year the crossroads discipleship home hosted a chills & thrills dance. Costumes were not 100% mandatory but 110% recommended. I could not decide what to be. I just knew I wanted to have big hair.

I wanted to be a gypsy… But didn’t really have the clothes. But I love gypsies! Then I thought being Ginger from Gilligan’s Island or Lucy from I love Lucy’s. Didn’t have the clothes though. Then I wanted to be a 80s girl, but I felt like that was kind of boring. Then my hair looked like a mane, so my friends said “hey, be a lion.” Yeah! That’s fun. Not enough brown, or fur. Then I remembered… I could be a mermaid I have blue tuel, teal silk, and a sparkle dress. I tried all of them on. My friends were so patient…
I COULD NOT DECIDE. So. I’ll just be all of them! An Lion, Mermaid, 80s girl. I finally am excited about this whole thing, and throw my phone at my friend to take a picture.

Then I had a realization… This speaks a lot of my life. I just want to do it all! All my friends had no problem deciding. They were all one consistent costume as Sandy, Beanie Baby, and a Greek Goddess. They can all decide their major, and what they want to be. No problem.  But then, there is me. I want to be the First Lady of the US, a Camp Director, a Pilot and work in marketing company.  I want to be a mermaid, lion, 80s girl.

But. The thing is, when you try to be all of them, you really aren’t a good lion. Or a mermaid. Or a 80s girl.



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