To Do

This is one of those weeks, that when you look at your to do list and there seems to be no way that you will accomplish anything that you have to do. It seems that you are swamped in projects, papers, and activities. That instead of crossing anything off your to do list, you are only adding more boxes to check off. A week when a test you studied hours for is returned with those conniving multiple choice wrong that you over analyzed and hopelessness begins to creep in. When you have NO idea what to major in, or what you wish to do with your life. The feeling of drowning is the best way to explain this week.

Life also feels like college this week… The crisp weather, fall colored campus, hair half up half down, projects to make, papers to write, exams to take, laundry piles up, oversized pullovers, extra activities to attend, loaded backpacks, room begins to get cluttered, and very little sleep.

In weeks like this, I have to remember a few things.
1. Breath. You have conquered other crazy weeks, you can conquer this one. It is all going to get done.
2. This too shall pass. There is a break ahead. There is rest soon. (And, When it comes take it. Do not push yourself to hard.Sleep is important.)
3. Take one thing at a time. Give it your best! You are not perfect, and never will be. Do not quit. Do not give up.
4. Education is a blessing. These opportunities are a blessings. Working hard is a blessing.
5. ALWAYS take a moment to remember who you are, and who God is. Refocus. Drink a London Fog, and listen to a good song. (I recommend United Pursuit’s: Take a Moment)  Then, ATTACK.


(my list now covers the entire page)



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