Great & Good

God is great
God is good
Let us thank Him,
For our food.

A simple prayer I learned as a kid. A prayer I was thrilled with, my parents found joy in, and my grandparents heart would be filled with pride. As I grew up, it became a race between my siblings to say the fastest, and first. This prayer became almost a mindless checklist, lacking sincerity. Leaving the reality that I was praying to God as a minor detail.

However, now as nineteen year old I was reminded of the rich depth of this prayer by a great mentor of five years to me, David Nolan. Now, to break it down.

God is Great. He is GRAND. He can do ANYTHING. He is ALL POWERFUL. He is ALL KNOWING. He is  ALL PRESENT. ALL
God is Good. He is KIND. He CARES. He has our best interest in mind. He is FAITHFUL. He is PATIENT. HE is LOVING.

But here is a thought. What if God was not both good and great…

If God was GREAT but not good. That power, knowledge, present, would not be something we loved. He would not have any reason to be trustworthy.  It could be used aimlessly, carelessly, flippantly. He could just destroy the whole entirety of everything. Im thinking life would be more along the ideas of Greek Mythology.

If God was GOOD but not great. He would love, and be kind, and show us faithfulness…. But could not do anything. He couldn’t do much about it. He would be wimpy, and conquered. Yes. He would be trustworthy, but we couldn’t experience this trustworthiness.

It’s funny, even as a 19 year old, technically and adult, I need a five lined rhyme broken down, to really get it.  HA.

Our God is Great, and Our God is Good.
Now. Lets think about that! Aye?


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