Faith in a Box

Sometimes the idea is really appealing. The idea that faith could just be this neatly wrapped box that sits in the corner and we just get to look at. We just get to be content and go on with life and know its there. Nothing else we have to do. It would be so neat instead of something that is messy. Instead of something that is confusing, complicated, and frustrating. It would be so easy instead of something that takes time.

Then I realized. If faith was a tangible box… I’d never have to talk to God or even consider him as part of the process. I would not even have to be in a relationship with him. I think he knew what he was doing when he made things this way… (Shocker. God knew what he was doing. HA!)

We are supposed to work out our faith in fear and trembling. It is a process. However, there are many days I crave it to be a straightforward, clear thing! I want to understand it all. I want to just KNOW what to do. And sometimes, I think I find myself putting in a box. I make my own boxes, of short easy answers. I wrap them neatly and closely with bows on top.

But our God is worth so much more than a box. He is so much greater than a box that my feeble mind could crete. If we did not have to depend on God for anything… huh. Things would look a lot different. However faith in a box although easy, is shallow. It is empty. There would be no depth.

Yes. It is messy. complicated. confusing. hard. but it is worth it.

I am thankful God knows what He is doing.
I dont want to put my God in a box. Image


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