Straight Ahead!

Watching the Alabama verses Auburn football game tonight with my family. It was a GAME. Such a sweet victory for Auburn. Tennessee played and now we are watching the Clemson verses SouthCarolina game. I really enjoy college football.

God has given me some sweet metaphors today through watching the games. One that has emerged the most for me, and although I really do enjoy football, and I understand it, terminology is not by any pro.

There were so many moments, where the QB would just attempt to run straight through the pack. It did not work well.I have seen it work well, and sometimes it does wonders. Tonight, it didn’t do much. It just ended in one yard gain dogpiles.

Then there were moments when receivers caught the ball, but would swerve, pause, and spin. Sometimes going sideways, even slightly backward before they went forward.

And it worked.

They stopped, slowed down just smudge, would look at the options. They had to swerve all around. No straight shots. The success rate of solid plays was much higher when they didn’t just plunge forward.

Sometimes, I just want to go straight ahead. I want to just plunge right through and GO. I want to do it the fast, straight, logical way. I want to do it my way.

But, swerves and twists, pausing, and going backwards when it does not make sense, works. God knows best. Even in the ups and downs, plot twists and turns. I want to trust him. I want to listen to Him. Even when everything in me just want to go STRAIGHT AHEAD, FULL SPEAD. I want to listen to that quite, gentle voice. That tells me to turn around or go left, when it does not make sense in my little head.

That gets touchdowns.


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